Conserving Water in Jacksonville

Conserving Water in Jacksonville

<P>People in Jacksonville are finding out what life is like with strict water usage. </P>

"If they had some kind of clue, but they don't know, so we don't know," said Gayle Stelling about when the city is planning to fix the water plant.

Stelling has had to change her daily routine. From the way she washes dishes to how long she showers.

"If I do it by myself it's not helping, we need all of Jacksonville to help conserve," she said.

The city has asked residents to help conserve water usage. The supply is now at critically low levels.

"We're not doing laundry and we're not washing cars, bathing minimally just to keep clean," she added.

City leaders are taking the situation seriously. Those who consume too much will have their water shut off.

The fire department also needs to be well supplied in case of any emergencies.

"To any consumer who can help any way to shorten the load here, it would help us all benefit everyone to get service back to normal soon," said Stelling.

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