District sets goals for schools

District sets goals for schools

CHAMPAIGN -- The new school year means new goals for Unit 4 schools.
CHAMPAIGN -- The new school year means new goals for Unit 4 schools. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw keeps us Connected to the Classroom.

Schools are already working to meet six different district goals. They range from staying connected with parents to fostering academic achievement.

They are things schools like Kenwood Elementary have been working hard on. In Kenwood classroom, students can expect to see more technology in the schedule.

"With the future in mind, technology is a big piece of it."

"We have a goal. We want every 3rd, 4th, 5th grader to have a laptop, net-book, chrome-book. And we want them to know how to use that."

Teachers also took tech classes. They're working that knowledge into everyday lessons. It's a new Kenwood goal which pairs with a new district goal; fostering academic achievement.

It's one of six laid out by Superintendent Judy Weigand. She also wants the district to put out regular progress reports, hire and keep high-quality faculty and staff and develop sustainable facilities.

"We're going to get it done. It's going to take everybody and a lot of effort, but I think we're very committed to those goals."

Geren says, to reach them all, will take teamwork. Her team is already tackling the new school year head on.

"We want to partner with a lot of different entities in our community. We think lots of people together will make a strong school."

A perfect example of how Kenwood is reaching out is its fishing night at Kaufman Lake. Parents, teachers and students get a chance to meet and interact.
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