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Donations Down for Local Charities

Local charities are hoping for a little extra help this winter.
CHAMPAIGN -- Charities are looking for a little extra help this winter.

Empty Tomb in Champaign is a group that helps families in need. The store says it always comes up short in donations for February. Usually, it sees around 1,500 boxes of clothing dropped off. This month, they're expecting just little over one thousand boxes.  

"It is getting lower," says Sylvia Ronsvalle with Empty Tomb. "If things don't pick up - March can be low too - then we won't be able to share as much with families in their points of need."

Groups like the ReStore in Champaign and Salvation Army report a similar trend. They say donations seem to pick back up in April, but groups are still hoping families will help out by spring-cleaning earlier this year.
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