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Dr. John Rowe Talks Tools to Treat Arthritis

Dr. Rowe is back with tips on treating arthritis, as well as meeting a double knee replacement patient.
Dr. Rowe has a special interest in hip replacement surgery. He is one of only approximately 3,000 surgeons in the United States who performs the “anterior approach” for hip replacement, which does not involve cutting muscle.

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

John “Chip” Rowe, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon. He has been practicing orthopedic medicine since 1989, and has extensive experience in joint replacement surgery and sports-related procedures.

5 Tools for Arthritis management:
1.Activity modification
2.Consistent appropriate exercise
3.Weight management
4.Use of ambulatory aid (a walking stick)
5.Use of appropriate medications
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