Drought Monitor 11/8/12

Drought Monitor 11/8/12

<br>Here's the drought monitor for the week of 11/8/12

Updated:  8:32 AM 11/8/12

You can get complete coverage of the drought in our Drought Watch Section

There were virtually no changes to the dry conditions in Central Illinois over the past week.  Champaign County and two others are now considered "normal" as far as soil moisture goes, but the rest of the area is still waiting for some more moisture.  You can get more on the drought categories in our Weather 101 Section.  

Looking ahead, the 8 to 14 day forecast is looking to bring us above-normal rainfall amounts, which could pull remaining areas of Central Illinois out of those "abnormally dry" conditions.

Here's a look at how bad the drought was last week

You can get complete coverage of the drought in our new Drought Watch Section
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