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Firefighters take water challenge to new heights

Latest: 10:23 pm, 5/14/14, Wednesday ARTHUR -- The cold water challenge continues.
Latest: 10:23 pm, 5/14/14, Wednesday
ARTHUR -- The cold water challenge continues. The torch was passed to the Arthur Fire Department. About 30 of the city's bravest took a seat in a "port-a-tank." It's what these firefighters use when fighting rural fire.

The money raised goes to the Illinois Fire Alliance's Burn Camp. It's held each summer for kids hurt in fires. It was a cold night, but they say it was worth it. The donation for Wednesday's challenge was $500. They were challenged by Arcola.
Latest: 10:32 pm, 5/12/14, Monday
ARCOLA -- The local fire department took the cold water challenge and kicked it up a notch! Check out where the water came from. Firefighters say they saw Derick, Joe Barlow and Mayor Gerard all getting drenched and wanted to join in the fun; all for a good cause. After the "shower," they sent out a challenge to pass it on.

Firefighter Don Graven says, "We are calling out our local fire department here in Arthur. You hear that Arthur? You have 48 hours to make the challenge or match our donation to The Eadie Foundation. Good luck boys."

So, there you have it, another cold water challenge!
Latest: 10:32 pm, 5/6/14, Tuesday
CHAMPAIGN -- Here we go again with the Make a Wish Challenge. They say the third time's the charm. First, it was Derick Fabert getting wet for the cause. Next up, ciLiving's Joe Barlow cooled down with a few cups of water. Tuesday, the mayor of Champaign stepped up to the plate. Was he up to the task?
Update: 10:32 pm, 5/2/14, Friday
CHAMPAIGN -- Our fundraiser at WCIA-3 continues. We're collecting money for the Make a Wish Foundation. $10 to dump cold water on yourself and post the video. $100 if you don't. Derick Fabert got dumped on, then passed the challenge torch to ciLiving's Joe Barlow who took a drink!
Original: 10:32 pm, 5/1/14, Thursday
CHAMPAIGN -- You may have seen it on Facebook. A call to donate to the Make a Wish Foundation. $10 if you dump cold water on yourself and post the video; $100 if you don't. Here's what Derick did...
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