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Funds for flood damage could trickle in

SPRINGFIELD -- Last week's flooding left behind a lot of damage. 
SPRINGFIELD -- Last week's flooding left behind a lot of damage. Residents are trying to clean up the mess. Now more help could be on the way.

State leaders hope FEMA will come to the rescue. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (ILEMA) plans to apply for help through FEMA. The director says a lot of people in areas hit by flooding can't afford the costs to clean up.

One neighborhood was submerged in water after last week's rain. Governor Quinn declared 48-counties disaster areas due to all the flooding. Currently, ILEMA is touring the state to assess how bad the damage is.

Agency leaders aren't sure how much money they'll ask for, but expect it to be in the millions. ILEMA's director, Jonathon Monken, says people shouldn't wait for state or federal aid. Instead, they should start cleaning up right away and call their insurance companies.

It's recommended you take pictures to document the damage. ILEMA has a long way to go before it can submit an application to FEMA for help. The agency's only toured three of the state's 48-counties declared disaster areas.
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