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Heads up for gas price jump

CHAMPAIGN -- Gas prices shot up Monday, some spiking $0.30.
CHAMPAIGN -- Gas prices shot up Monday, some spiking $0.30.

It's frustrating, especially if you didn't see it coming. One business wants to change that.

The company actually warns you before it raises its prices. Mach 1 company leaders say they'll send you a text before its prices go up. The company just sent a text this morning.

Mach 1 recently opened a local store on the corner of Prospect and Bloomington. Mach 1 representatives say they watch street prices for an idea of when to move. When they see prices start to surge around town, you'll get a text. Then, you have a little time before prices at their pumps go up.

Many drivers say they'd be thrilled to get a head's up. Company officials say you'll have about 2-3 hours to fill up at the cheaper price. You have to sign up for the text alert to get the information.

Mach 1 also has stores in cities including Danville, Charleston and Effingham. The alerts are personalized for each individual location.

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