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Kid to Know serves other kids with Eagle Scout project

OGDEN -- This Boy Scout is a Kid to Know who knows that it means to be a kid!
 OGDEN -- This Boy Scout is a Kid to Know who knows what it means to be a kid! Lane DeMay, of St. Joe, needed an Eagle Scout Project. He heard about a playground in serious need. The Ogden Village Board agreed to let him fix it up for $8,000.

Lane started with landscaping. Everything was so overgrown, he tore it all out and replaced it with rock. He put in a bench and added spring toys. The swings needed a lot of work and were replaced as well as the baby swing which was falling apart. A new slide is all shiny and slick, plus the merry-go-round was replaced. Anything made of metal was repainted. Lastly, he took out the old teeter-totter and added five new ones.

Kids are already having fun on the new equipment. Lane organized all the volunteers, ordered the equipment and worked his butt off every weekend in October and finished November 21 when there was a 10-degree windchill. Definitely earned that Eagle Scout honor.
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