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Laws designed to make roads safer

SPRINGFIELD -- The state is cracking down on drivers.
SPRINGFIELD -- The state is cracking down on drivers. The governor wants to make safety a priority.

There are three major changes Governor Quinn signed into law Monday. They all aim to cut down on serious crashes. The first is to make it harder for some teens to get their full licenses. If someone under 18, driving on a permit or graduated license, has unresolved tickets, the Secretary of State can say "no" when they apply for a regular license.

The second says you can't get court supervision anymore if you cause an accident and someone dies. That means the accident and charges will stay on your permanent record. But, not everyone thinks it will make much of a difference.

A third change also applies to younger drivers. It states, if you're between 18 - 21, and you never took a driver's ed course in school, you can't get your license until you take the class.

All the new laws go into effect January 1, 2014.
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