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Leaders looking to bring more money to city

GEORGETOWN -- A deal with Sunrise Coal could add $1,500 a day to the city's bank account.
GEORGETOWN -- Leaders are looking forward to bringing more money into the city. A deal with Sunrise Coal could add $1,500 a day to the city's bank account. The company would pay to use water the city owns.

Some people still have doubts. That's why about 100 people came out Friday night to ask questions. 

The water comes from an aquifer on the other side of the Indiana border. The pump is right next to a farm just east of Route 63. Between 300,000 - 500,000 gallons of water will be pumped from there to Georgetown and then end up in Homer, which is where the mine will be.

"We don't want to raise taxes," said Georgetown Alderman Carl Johnson. "We don't want to raise water rates. You don't have any alternatives other than to look for somebody to buy water and that's what we have an abundance of."

Before the water crosses the border to Illinois, it gets treated at a plant. All the money Georgetown makes will help pay off debt the city owes. It will also help the city fund future projects like updating water and sewer systems of their own.

There were also some people at the meeting from Homer. Sunrise Coal originally planned to buy all the water it needed the village. But that deal didn't work out.

The Village of Homer will still provide some water to Sunrise Coal; about 20,000 gallons of treated water a day. The village board originally turned down the plan but members changed their minds afterwards. The mine could open in 2014 and bring 300 jobs to the area.
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