Libraries Provide a Home for Hobbies

Libraries Provide a Home for Hobbies

CHARLESTON -- Learn how libraries have become a meeting place for people who share similar interests.

CHARLESTON -- Like so many things, libraries aren't what they used to be. In the old days, libraries were about quiet reading and collections of books; today, your public library offers you a chance to explore the stars, learn about the world around you, and find people in your town with similar interests.

Over the last few years, the Charleston Carnegie Public Library ( has expanded the number of programs they offer that focus on the interests and hobbies of people in town. People gathered at the library this summer for lectures from area Master Gardeners, to make scrapbooks, and to learn about space by using the library's telescope (which residents can check out!).

Click the video to learn why Director Jeanne Hamilton believes the library can be a gathering place for almost anything

The CCPL will offer another Astronomy Day in September. Contact the library at for (217) 345-4913 or to learn more!

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