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Make a Wish girl starts charity of her own

MAHOMET -- In less than 24 hours, dreams will come true for an area girl.
MAHOMET -- In less than 24 hours, dreams will come true for an area girl.

"It's a big deal, it really is."

Her daughter, Isabella, and their family is going to Disney World. It's her Make a Wish. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau introduces the family.

When you tell a 10-year old she's going to Disney World, you expect a certain reaction.

"It's awesome!"

But, for Isabella Gonzalez, it's a trip which means much more than rides and meeting fun characters.

"I like Elsa more than Ana because Elsa has powers and she uses them."

Isabella has VATER syndrome.

"Since I have special needs, like special medical needs, Make a Wish, it's a foundation to help kids get one wish, whatever they want to do, so like, I picked Disney World because we haven't gone there."

"She knows hospitals and stuff like that. And this is something for her that, hopefully, all will go smoothly there and we won't have to think about all the other stuff."

Other stuff includes a lot of medicine and trips they don't like to make.

"Catching a cold for her can be very serious. Her lungs, they're a little compromised. Three years ago, she caught a cold and we ended up at Peoria's Children's Hospital for 42 days."

"It doesn't really bother me."

Even though it means she can't do some of the things others can.

"I thought, well, she needs something to do. Her sister is very active with sports and school and all of her friends and everything. Bella is just, on cold days, she can't go outside. On hot days, she can't go outside."

"I never did anything. My sister did, like everything!"

Until now. Isabella is putting all her unused energy to helping others.

"I'm doing this charity. It's called Sweet Dreams by Izzy."

"She just needed her own thing; something to call her own."

"So, there's like these bags. They were called Nighty Night Bags. They include a book, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a stuffed animal and a blanket."

Those bags are passed out to other kids needing help, like at homeless shelters or the Ronald McDonald House.

"Sweet Dreams by Izzy is kind of a little, for us, to give back to the community and to help out, too."

"There are some people, like me, and like, someone like me needs to step up."

So even when the smiles and laughs fade from Disney, there will still be plenty to be had here at home.

"It makes us feel good that she's going to be happy."

"Very, very, very, very, very, very, very excited!"

Sweet Dreams by Izzy is an ongoing project. Izzy hopes it will even be used to help families hit by disasters.

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