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<br><font style="FONT-FAMILY: ; COLOR: #111111">CHAMPAIGN --</font> Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, is standing up for military vets.&nbsp;
CHAMPAIGN -- Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, is standing up for military vets. She says they're being used and abused by for-profit colleges. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley finds out why Madigan thinks vets are being targeted.
    Veterans get help from something called a G-I Bill. It provides a large sum of money to vets in a quick and easy manner, something that Madigan says is very attractive to for-profit schools. At least one military vet who disagrees.
    Yvette Lane-Rose enrolled in the military when she was 17 years old. She was able to get help with college and has since become an assistant principal at Centennial High School. Madigan says these schools are using vets purely for profit and not providing a quality education.
    "Because of the services and the sacrifices we've given, we're more protected. Whether it be jobs, education, family life; we're protected anyway. So I don't think they'd allow an outright exploitation against them."
    There are 35 for-profit schools in the state. Last year veterans were given $9-billion in educational benefits. Madigan's initiative won't take away any of that funding from vets. She just wants Congress to keep its eye on for-profit colleges.

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