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Neighbors not interested in absorbing residents from Fair Oaks

DANVILLE -- Some say a neighborhood is a dead end, but a development plan could put it on a new path.
DANVILLE -- Some say a neighborhood is a dead end, but a development plan could put it on a new path. The Danville Housing Authority (DHA) wants to demolish some of Fair Oaks. It's Section 8 housing located on the city's east side. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley sees what's ahead for people in the area.

DHA wants to move people out of the dense, high-crime area and spread them around the city while creating new, affordable housing. But, it's not getting any support from people in area neighborhoods.

"It's the only place I had to go."

Sierra Ware is an unemployed, single mother. She's only lived in Fair Oaks for two months and says she's already heard gunshots several times.

"It's scary. I got to get on the floor. I don't know what's going to happen. I have her in my arms. You're scared."

DHA has a plan which could put a dent in crime. Leaders want to tear down three buildings in Fair Oaks. By federal law though, all occupants would have to be moved into new housing. The plan is to spread them throughout the city into other neighborhoods.

"I don't want it."

He's not alone. No one wanted to go on camera, but all had the same reaction to the thought of new neighbors.

"Not saying they're bad people, but we pay higher property taxes. We don't want the trouble they have over there."

Fair Oaks carries a certain stigma, but people who live there say they don't all deserve to carry that.

"I don't think they should judge people because they live in Fair Oaks. It's certain people like me. I don't do anything. Don't judge me because I come from out here."

The plan is still in its beginning stages. DHA is trying to find an area where it can build, plus it also needs funding. While Ware is ready for a new start, some say, if the plan moves forward, they'll leave the city altogether.

"There's just too much chaos here."

"I wouldn't want that. I wouldn't feel safe for my kids or myself."

This is all in the early stages. DHA would like to have it completed in the next five years.
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