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Not everyone convinced of low unemployment figures

ILLINOIS -- Fewer people are seeking unemployment benefits.
ILLINOIS -- Fewer people are seeking unemployment benefits. The number of applications is at its lowest point in nearly seven years, but not everyone believes things are getting better. WCIA-3's Alex Davis keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

Gina Bean knows firsthand the strain unemployment causes.

"It's been tough. We've been living with my parents, actually, for the past two years because of it."

Bean's husband hasn't had much luck finding full-time work or collecting unemployment since he was discharged from the Air Force.

"My husband, he's a veteran and, when he got out, he tried filing unemployment, but got denied."

The Labor Department's June report found 1,200 fewer people filed for unemployment. Bean doesn't believe the report tells the true store.

"Not necessarily because you've always got those people that aren't necessarily filing because they don't know that they should, or so, if they're not filing, then they're not really thrown into those economic numbers."

Sherry Finn agrees.

"Sometimes people have moved out of the state. Not necessarily that's why. Maybe the numbers have gone down is because maybe people have moved away from Illinois."

Other states with the biggest decreases in unemployment applications include California and Pennsylvania.
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