Officer puts community service into action

Officer puts community service into action

CHAMPAIGN -- One police officer proves there's a lot behind the badge.
CHAMPAIGN -- One police officer proves there's a lot behind the badge. He helped a little girl ride out her hard times like a champ.

This Champaign police officer responded to a call. When he got there, he saw a different need. WCIA-3's Amanda Porterfield has our Good News.

A fellow officer wrote about Marshall Henry's good deed on Facebook. Hundreds commented on the CPD page. It got dozens of shares. So, let's meet the officer and the little girl unlikely to forget him.

"It feels good to do those kinds of things for other people and it always has for me."

When Officer Marshall Henry gets the chance to help someone, he doesn't hesitate. The morning he met Corianna Brandon was no different.

Her infant cousin wasn't breathing and went to the hospital. Officer Henry stayed behind to keep Corianna company, making small talk to keep her mind off her cousin.

"It was definitely in the back of my mind that, you know, I'd like to do something for this girl."

Especially after he learned she didn't have a bike. It was impounded after a family member used it to commit a crime.

"Whenever I see him, I'm like, 'I want a bike so bad.'"

"I would tell her that I would get her another one, I just got to get the money."

"I just decided to call Toys-R-Us, spoke with some fine people over there, and they helped me out."

But he didn't get just any old bike. It's a Bridezilla, in Corianna's favorite colors, complete with skulls.

"It can stop with these. I just love the color."

Corianna's little cousin didn't make it, and while she says this bike won't ever take that pain away, it definitely helps.

"I was so happy. I just want to give him something."

"You want to give him something back?"


"If you were to give him something, what would it be?"

"If we can buy a flat-screen TV, then I would give him that."

Officer Henry says he appreciates the positive feedback he's gotten, but he didn't do it for that reason. He made sure to mention there are plenty of other officers in the department who have done similar things.
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