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Our Town fishing hole is perfect spot

SAVOY -- Sunshine, warm weather and a long afternoon are all ingredients for a perfect day on the water.
SAVOY -- Sunshine, warm weather and a long afternoon are all ingredients for a perfect day on the water. With all the hectic things in life, sometimes it's just nice to kick back and relax. Our Town has a good spot to do that. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera is here to tell us where it is.

A lot of people go to Colbert Park to fish. Every once in awhile, you can hear a train go by and you can see the top of Walmart from over the trees. But, when you're focusing on blue gills and bass, all of that fades into the background.

"I spend half my time out here now," said Larry Krueger, who lives in Savoy.  

With summer finally here, people like Krueger are working on the perfect cast.

"I'm trying to catch the bass I caught yesterday," said Krueger. "You ever see those signs where they have bass on wood and it talks? That's what it looked like."

You can't keep any of the fish you catch at Colbert Park. But for some, a bigger reward comes with memories you make or the ones you remember while you're out here.

"My father taught me how to fish," said Krueger. "He was the best fly fisherman I've ever seen. I would quit fishing and just row the boat just to watch him fly fish. He passed away in 2003, but he's the one who got me into this fishing thing."

While Krueger fishes on the north side, a couple other guys were stringing chicken livers on the dock.

"Catfish just love things that smell awful, so I always cover them in garlic and onion then throw them out there," said Jake McGinness, who also lives in Savoy.  

Their strategy is a little different. They throw out the line and wait.

"You're not going to catch anything huge out here, but it's a fun place to go kill time," said McGinness.  

Some days, they catch 15 or 20. Other days, not as much.

"We've been here three of the last four days," said McGinness. "The weather's been really nice and it hasn't been awful except that one day in the rain, but it wasn't raining when we got here so that just kind of ruined it."

But either way, it's hard to beat a big bite. The IDNR stocks the pond in the spring with a few different kinds of fish.

The rumor is someone else sneaks bigger ones into the water. Even though no one knows who's responsible for that, the fishermen say it just makes it more exciting, so they're not complaining.
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