Our Town Paxton preview

Our Town Paxton preview

PAXTON -- It's the capitol of Ford County and a pretty cool place to go.
PAXTON -- It's the capitol of Ford County and a pretty cool place to go. WCIA-3 News' and Our Town reporter Megan Brilley gives us an early tour.

There are a lot of reasons to get pumped if you're driving into town. But, stopping at this pump will really rev you up.

"We not only pump gas, we fix tires, we fix cars."

As if they don't have enough on their plate already, there's one more thing they do to help their customers fill up.

"There's not a town in miles, 50 - 60 miles that does this."

We'll tell you how getting gas the old-fashioned way keeps a lot of people going. You can not only fill up your tank, but your stomach as well. It's not a game at this arcade, because it serves food from three different cultures.

"We are a family. We pretty much know every single customer."

But, there's one breakfast delight that keeps the competition at bay. Find out what makes people come back time-after-time. Speaking of Our Town, there's another piece of this place making people pretty proud.

"We've got people that come here and look at it all the time."

This community has come together over the years to keep it ticking. Hear how it's stood the test of time. Some other people you'll hear about this week include a teacher turned author, a general manager by day and hot-air balloon rider by night and a teenage gymnast who's traveled all over the world.
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