Patients move into Carle Tower

Patients move into Carle Tower

URBANA -- Part of Carle Hospital's new tower is finished allowing patients to move into new rooms.
 URBANA -- Patients spending several days at Carle Hospital will feel more comfortable. The in-patient unit opened up at the new Carle Tower.

Many were making the move to their new rooms Sunday. They're bigger than the previous space and they're also private.

It allows more family members to visit and gives nurses and doctors more room to work. However, that's not the only perk.

"Hospitals aren't the most quiet places. They're kind of noisy and so we're pretty excited that we'll be able to have more of a quiet atmosphere for our patients that helps people rest," says Lynne Barnes, Vice President of Hospital Relations.

The new unit also has more natural lighting. There are also windows which allow nurses to keep a closer eye on patients.
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