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Pension proposals making moves

<font size="2">SPRINGFIELD -- The wheels are starting to turn on pension reform. <br></font>
SPRINGFIELD -- The wheels are starting to turn on pension reform. Two bills are making progress at the capitol.

Both call for comprehensive pension reform. The first, would make a few changes, like raising the retirement age to 67, requiring state workers to pay an extra 2% and cutting back on annual increases. The second would do pretty much the same thing, but also offers up a back up plan.

That's if the first half is shot down in court. It would ask workers to either give up health care and keep current benefits, or save health care and take a reduced-benefits package.

Some people still have reservations about the bills. They want to make sure they're fair to state workers and are even constitutional. That's one of the biggest questions right now. Experts say any plan that becomes law will likely be challenged in court.
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