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Prisoner in trouble for attempting to get officer's number

DECATUR -- More problems at Macon County Jail involving phones.
DECATUR -- More problems at Macon County Jail involving phones. Now a convicted felon faces even more charges after trying to get an officer's phone number. Police say Willie Franklin offered money for information about a corrections officer. Franklin is awaiting sentencing after robbing a Quincy bank. WCIA-3's Gary Brode tells us this isn't Franklin's first issue at the jail.

Two months ago, he was involved in a situation where a woman officer snuck him in a cellphone. Now, that officer faces prison time, but apparently, Franklin's back at it again.

"I would say that I was kind of shocked and simultaneously, not really surprised, knowing the individual."

Franklin has been in the Macon County Jail for a year and a half. Sgt. Scott Flannery says he's been a problem most of that time.

"As soon as the note was passed and the bribe was made, the officer stopped, reported it and away we went."

When Franklin was questioned, he told police it was a misunderstanding between him and a recently hired corrections officer.

"We believe he thought he could manipulate the officer to getting him things. He's done this in the past."

Flannery describes Franklin as a smooth-talker. It's that gift of gab that convinced correctional officer Penny Adams to break the law in May.

"That employee was terminated after a long service; 25 plus years. We're kind of keeping an eye on that to begin with. We have a new policy in place because of that situation which is why, when this happened this time, we really jumped on it as quick as we could."

No one can walk through these doors without locking up their cellphones. It may seem harmless, but Flannery knows how dangerous a cellphone can be.

"Let's say that a person who is up here on a drug charge, that person could still control his drug operations from the inside of jail cell."

With this recent incident, Franklin is now facing state charges on top of his federal charges. He will remain at the Macon County Jail until at least August for his state charges.
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