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Railroad crossing raises concern

TOLONO -- Some people in Champaign County are fed up with raggedy railroad tracks.
TOLONO -- Some people in Champaign County are fed up with raggedy railroad tracks. They say they've been dealing with it for too long.

Bob Oakes has lived here his whole life but says, lately his daily route has been deterred by tracks on Benham Street.

"I try to avoid it most of the time because it's so rough," says Oakes.

He's not the only one.

"The railroad tracks suck. They do. They're terrible," says Ashlei Velazquez.

"I've seen mufflers bounce," says Susan Plackett.

"If cars are coming both ways, you have to double up on the crossing and you hit those open spots. It's just really bad," says Oakes.

Oakes says Benham Street has been this way for several years and others believe it's gotten worse after a harsh winter.

"In the winter time, it's terrible. The cars get the snow and ice and when they hit the railroad tracks, it all falls off and it's worse than it is now," says Oakes.

Like most of these drivers, he wanted to know when they were getting fixed. A representative from Canadian National Railway says these tracks are supposed to get fixed sometime this year, but they don't know when.

"It's about time. Finally," says Velazquez.

"I would use it a lot if they'd fix it up," says Oakes.

Until then, they've got tips for those traveling across these tracks.

"You have to go slow. If you don't go slow, you will definitely mess up your car," says Velázquez.

The Canadian National Railway says the road is due for some resurfacing. However, they said that work hasn't been scheduled, so there's no telling when it will happen.
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