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Rauner campaign stops here

CHAMPAIGN -- Bruce Rauner made a campaign visit.
CHAMPAIGN -- Bruce Rauner made a campaign visit. He's criticizing the governor for not sticking to his word when it comes to raising taxes. The Republican candidate says he'll unveil a comprehensive tax overhaul plan soon. He also wants to put together a task force made up of mayors, city managers and superintendents to focus on jobs.

"With a goal of meeting to talk about how we bring efficiency throughout the layers of government, throughout the state. Our spending problems and tax problems aren't only at the state level, they're at the county level, school district level, and city and municipal level," Rauner said.

Rauner says the state has over 7,000 units of government and that's way too many. He would like it to be around 4,000. His plan will outline what should be cut.
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