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Governor Quinn calls special session

SPRINGFIELD -- Some are calling it a political game.
SPRINGFIELD -- Some are calling it a political game. Governor Quinn is calling lawmakers back to the capitol in a week and half to finish the job on pension reform.

But some experts are not sure it's a job they can finish. Any immediate pension reform plan would need a 3/5 majority to pass this special session, but plans discussed the past few months barely got 50% of the vote.

Unless the governor and lawmakers work out a deal, this could be a failure. Right now, the leaders in the House and Senate are in disagreement over what should be changed. Without some kind of agreement, the state will be left where it has been for the last three years.

Governor Quinn tried to meet with the Senate President and the House Speaker this week. But Speaker Michael Madigan did not show up, because he was unavailable and does not have a cellphone.
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