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SAFE Home opens for women

CHAMPAIGN -- A new home opened for women struggling with substance abuse.
CHAMPAIGN -- A new home opened for women struggling with substance abuse. It's called the Safe House. Program leaders hope it will help women get back on a good path.

Women who stay at the Safe House will focus on recovering on many different levels, including physically, mentally and spiritually. It's a chance for them to start over.

Ten women can stay here at a time. A pair of directors will help them stick to a strict schedule. The home where they will be staying used to be an abandoned crack house. Now it's been transformed into a place of hope. Canaan Baptist Church Pastor B. J. Tatum said he hopes the women who stay will undergo a transformation of their own.

"It's almost euphoric to see something come to fruition like this," said Tatum. "A dream, a metamorphosis has taken place, a transformation will take place in this house."

People toured the home Sunday afternoon and the group of women moved in afterwards. Those women will participate in a 12-month program. It's completely voluntary. Tatum said ten women have already signed up and they have a waiting list as well.

If the women in the program have children, they can stay with a host family. To find out more about the program, click here: http://www.canaandevelopmentfoundation.org/womenssafehouse.php
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