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Salaries To Be Frozen For Some Champaign County Officials

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY--Some county officials won't be getting a raise for the next four years.
Some county officials won't be getting a raise for the next four years.  It's part of a money saving effort. 

The Champaign county board recommended freezing the salaries of the coroner, auditor, recorder and circuit clerk.  The offices have seen increases of about 70 percent in pay over the last decade.

County board member Brenden McGinty said with an uncertain financial future, it's time to be smart about the county's money.

McGinty says large expenses could be on the horizon.  Things like possibly shutting down the Champaign County downtown jail and improving rundown buildings.

"We don't know what our financial future is.  People see that we have about a 3 million fund balance.  They say 'you're flush with money,'" McGinty said.  "That's not the case because operationally that will go up in smoke very quickly if we don't manage it well."

The board will take a formal vote on salaries next week.
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