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Schools feel effects of storm

PARIS -- Students in many cities returned to school Wednesday, three days after Sunday's snowstorm.
PARIS -- Students in many cities returned to school Wednesday, three days after Sunday's snowstorm. But, for one small town, it could be a few more days. WCIA-3's Gary Brode finds out how schools are struggling to get Paris classes back to normal.

Crews have not been able to clear roads yet. It's been an uphill battle which could take several more days. Driving around town is difficult. Rural roads are even more treacherous, so, for at least one more day, schools here will remain empty.

"We don't want to put any kids at risk. Ultimately, safety is the thing we put foremost when we make the decision to keep the schools closed."

The principal not only faces the challenge of getting schools open, he's among the parents working hard to keep kids occupied at home. Between winter vacation and snow days, it's been three weeks of vacation for students.

"I've had five teenagers in my house that have been snow-bound. They've been having a ball actually, but we're ready for them to go back to school."

As you might expect, some students aren't ready for the extended vacation to end.

"Maybe in two weeks."

His daughter might not admit she wants to go back to school just yet, but her dad believes the kids are just as ready as the parents.

"I think most kids are a little restless, have a little cabin fever. If you ask them, they don't want to be at school, but I think they miss each other. They miss the relationships they have at school. If it's not the school work they miss, they miss being together."

He may be right.

"It's so cold outside and it's been kind of boring being in the house the whole time."

"Some days, I wish I could go back to school just to see all my friends."

Thursday is the school's fifth snow day of the year. A new school being built north of town has also lost a few days of construction work because of the weather.
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