Shining a little light on the situation

Shining a little light on the situation

URBANA -- New lights went up Wednesday in one neighborhood.
URBANA -- New lights went up Wednesday in one neighborhood. People living along Hunter Street say they've been waiting for this for months. They hope more light will result in less crime. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw finds out about their previous problems.

Just under a year ago, a gang fight broke out just a few blocks from here. Since then, neighbors have brainstormed ideas to stop the violence. Lights are another step toward that goal.

"Put your hand out front. You can't see it. That's how dark it would be out here."

Now, Ricky Shivers is hoping new LED streetlights will shine a little light in his front yard.

"Because there ain't no tellin' what somebody gonna do to you out in the dark."

Urbana Public Works spent the morning installing two new light posts. One is at the corner of Hunter and Lanore streets. The other is at Hunter and Austin.

"They wanted to light up the intersection basically. Like I said, these LED streetlights are very directional."

It's something this area desperately needs. If you take a look, there are no other light posts along this road. If you ask neighbors, it's a recipe for crime.

"Call the police, they get over here. They don't know which way they're running."

"Without lighting, a general concern of people feeling when they're walking at night."

It's one of the many reasons the city has pushed for the past 10-months to get grant money for the project. They hope, by keeping families here plugged in, it will mean more people on the lookout.

There are no plans yet to install more lights in the area. Neighbors hope for that, but each one costs about $4,500.
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