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Some neighbors not happy about planned gun range

GEORGETOWN -- Some unused land now has a purpose.
GEORGETOWN -- Some unused land now has a purpose. The city council voted to turn it into a gun range. Oubache Park will be leased to a committee for $1 per year for 25-years. It's just southwest of town.

Although it's considered rural Georgetown, it's surrounded by homes. People who live there are not very happy about the plan. They say they're not against having a gun range in town, just where.

Many people live down the road and worry bullets could end up near their homes or they could see their property values drop. They also say they were not consulted about the decision and just started hearing about it recently when the lease agreement came up. Now, many people are considering moving.

City leader made the decision a year ago. Keith Walker is part of the gun range committee. He says members spoke with residents near the park about the gun range months ago and they all approved. He says they hope to have it open sometime this summer.

The land has been empty since 1997. Before that, it was a sportsman's club.
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