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Southwest MTD officially dissolves

CHAMPAIGN -- A mission to keep buses off some roads is officially over.
CHAMPAIGN -- The Southwest Mass Transit District is officially dissolved.  Six months ago board members voted themselves out of business, but a letter they sent to the Champaign County board made it official. 

The seven year old transit agency never actually provided bus service to the Southwest part of Champaign.  The board chairman says their goal was really to keep CUMTD from expanding into their area.  A goal he says they didn't accomplish.  

That is because back in 2011 a judge ruled both districts could operate together which left about 75% of people in the Southwest area paying taxes for both districts. 

Champaign County board chairman Al Kurtz says he hasn't seen the letter yet but it does officially dissolve the district.  That means CUMTD is now able to annex the area and move bus service there. 
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