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State finds money to pay some raises

SPRINGFIELD -- Hundreds of state workers are getting raises.
SPRINGFIELD -- Hundreds of state workers are getting raises. They were supposed to get them last year, but the state said it didn't have enough money. It's not costing the state more.

In fact, state officials say they found enough money left over in two agency budgets to give some workers their raises. Last year, about 30,000 state workers didn't get a scheduled increase even though it's in their contract. They were supposed to see 5%. Now, about 2,000 will see that money.

They work for the Department of Revenue and the Criminal Justice Information Authority. AFSCME has been fighting to get all the raises honored. Still, union leaders say it's a big win for these workers.

AFSCME says the raises are crucial to workers. Some have lost out on thousands of dollars they were counting on. AFSCME has been battling the state in court for months. The judge is holding hearings to determine if the state still has to pay raises to the remaining 28,000 workers.
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