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Teacher accused of inappropriate comment

<br>CHAMPAIGN-A parent accuses a Unit 4 teacher of saying something inappropriate to students.
CHAMPAIGN - A parent accuses a Unit 4 teacher of saying something inappropriate to students.

"As close as I can quote. ""If you fail the constitution test, I should just take you in the hall and shoot you." That's what one student says a Unit 4 teacher told her classroom just days after a school shooting in Connecticut. 

The controversy involves a history teacher at Centennial High School.  

Spokesperson Stephanie Stuart says they can't comment on any personnel matters, but did say Unit 4 takes matters of student safety very seriously. 

The teacher in question is Randall Strunk. A student in his class says three days after the Sandyhook shooting he commented that he should shoot students if they didn't pass a test. 

One student tweeted after it happened, with hashtags #toosoon and #notcool. That student's mother reported it to the principal.  

"It just struck me as so inappropriate, when I am hoping my children are in a place where they feel secure and have good role models and feel safe in their school, to have a comment made, its just so inappropriate," says Carmen Glezer who says she assumes the teacher was joking. 

She didn't fear for her daughter's safety but wonders why an adult would say something like that. 

Again, the school district wouldn't comment on this specific incident. 

However sources inside the school district along with the parent that say Strunk has not come back to school since winter break ended Tuesday.
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