Threatening texts put fear front-and-center

Threatening texts put fear front-and-center

DECATUR -- Threatening text messages have workers at an area car dealership fearing for their lives.
DECATUR -- Threatening text messages have workers at an area car dealership fearing for their lives. Stuart Still faces charges of harassment. Almost ten of his former coworkers received graphic and terrifying text messages. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine has more.

Detectives for the Macon County Sheriff's Department say he held a grudge against his former employer and felt people owed him money. In the past month, he sent threatening text messages.

This isn't the picture of Stuart Still that Pat Dawson remembers. He prefers to think back over a decade ago.

"Stuart applied for a sales position."

He was hired.

"Sharp guy. Worked with us for about 15 years. Employees like him and he was very good to the customers."

But, he changed.

"He got into some drug problems and that's when the problems really started."

Still was fired two years ago.

"Went from a model employee to an unacceptable employee."

Police say Still lost his new job and felt old friends at Miles Chevrolet owed him money. Still is accused of sending threatening texts to his former coworkers, including death threats.

Most of the texts are too graphic to show. In one, Still allegedly states, "I'm sitting across from your work waiting for you to leave."

"It's pretty sad really. It can't be the same person. The texts were so harmful and ugly. It was coming from someone that's not the person that we knew."

Dawson took matters into his own hands.

"We're concerned about the safety of all our employees. That's why we said, 'Let's get this thing handled.' Got an order of protection for our Chevy, Toyota, Nissan stores."

In the midst of it all, Pat Dawson is still hopeful.

"I'd like to have the old Stuart back. Get yourself straightened out. Be that happy person that we experienced for 15 years."

Detectives say about ten employees received the text messages, but only two came forward to file charges. The rest were reportedly too afraid. The dealership is still considering adding 24 hours security to further protect employees.
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