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Tickets Take Toll on Taxes

Getting a parking ticket can ruin anyone's day.
    Getting a parking ticket is something which can put a damper on anyone's day. But now, in the Capital City, if you don't pay your ticket on time, the state will take the money from you. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley finds out how overdue parking tickets can be taken out of your tax refund.
    We've all had days where we're in a hurry and can't pay the meters. But now, if you don't pay your ticket in 60-days, not only will your fine grow, the state will take it from you itself.
    ''Tax time is a great time for everybody to get back what they deserve and be able to provide for their families and do what they need to do.''
    Tammy Jackson is an 18-year old single mom. She told us she can't afford to lose money from her refund check, but understands the state's decision. '
    'They deserve a right to take back what's theirs.''
    $800,000 of what's theirs to be exact. That's how much is owed in Springfield for unpaid parking tickets.
    ''It's an even end on both sides. I'd agree with them, but I'd feel the people's pain.''
    The city teamed up with the state's comptroller's office to create the new program called "Local Debt Recovery." '
    'I feel that if you're responsible enough to get it, you should be responsible enough to pay for it.''
    That's the city's hope. But now, either way, if you get one of these, you'll pay for it eventually.         ''With the money that you're getting back for your taxes, pay those off. Try to get things taken care of. So maybe the state won't have to take things from you and put you in jail.''
    The program is being tested in Springfield. If all goes well, it will be implemented throughout the state.
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