UI student makes history

UI student makes history

CHAMPAIGN -- A UI student is making history.
CHAMPAIGN -- A UI student is making history. He was one of only two people in the country to get a $10,000 grant and now he's using it to help his community.

Jake Carpenter-Thompson wants to put an end to something affecting millions of people. It's called tinnitus, better known as ringing in the ear.

50 million Americans have it, most not knowing how to stop it. That's where Carpenter-Thompson comes in.

With the grant, he's going to create a study to find out if exercise can be a cure for tinnitus. Carpenter-Thompson was the first at the UI to ever get this grant.

"When I think that somebody actually took their money and invested in my idea, it makes me very happy and very validated that my ideas actually mean something. I hope that through this grant I can help impact the millions that have tinnitus," grad student Carpenter-Thompson said.

He's going to start the study next fall and is looking for people take part. If you have ringing in your ears, you could help.

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