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Unit 4 hosts bullying forum

CHAMPAIGN -- Bullying recently became a buzzword in every home.
CHAMPAIGN -- Bullying recently became a buzzword in every home. It's died down a bit, but it's still on the minds of many in Unit 4 schools. WCIA-3'S Amanda Porterfield moderated a community discussion about the issue Thursday night.

It may no longer be in the national headlines everyday, but people came out just to re-ignite the conversation, because they say its still a problem. In the audience, there were parents, teachers and students, all listening to a panel of community leaders talk about bullying, with a resource officer, school officials and experts on the stage.

Many people simply asked questions they have been waiting for someone to answer. Organizers of the event say that's the problem: when it comes to bullying, many people just do not know where to go.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association put on the event, and at the end, many people felt like their questions were answered. They even learned something. One thing was Unit 4 middle schools are implementing a new program called Second Step. It starts next fall.
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