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Vermilion County Museum celebrates 50th Anniversary

DANVILLE -- The Vermilion County Museum celebrates it's 50th anniversary with family-friend activities and historic characters.

DANVILLE -- The Vermilion County Museum begins it's 50th anniversary celebration this weekend with family-friend activities and historic characters!

On Saturday, the museum will be hold an open house, providing tours of the historic Fithian House. There will also be other family-friendly activities, including a puppet show, singers, ice cream, and a chance to pose in historic costumes for old-time pictures.

The museum runs the historic Fithian Home, constructed by William Fithian and his fourth wife. Fithian (for whom the town of Fithian is named) was a doctor and entrepreneur. He met Abraham Lincoln when the two served together in the Illinois legislature at Vandalia. Later, Lincoln would represent him in court and the two developed a strong friendship. Lincoln stayed with Fithian during the Illinois Senate race of 1858, famously giving a speech in his stocking feet from the balcony of the room where he stayed. The museum has preserved the room and maintained the Gothic-style bed where Lincoln slept.

Activities in celebration of the 50th anniversary continue throughout the summer at the various properties owned by the museum.

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