Weather Almanac for April 3rd

Weather Almanac for April 3rd

Here's a look at normal and record temperatures, sunrise and sunset times, and past weather events for April 3rd.

Weather Almanac For 4/3

This Day In Weather History

The most violent tornado outbreak in U.S. history began on this date and continued into the early morning hours of April 4th.  Illinois was a part of 13 state in eastern and central parts of the U.S. that had tornadoes for a total of 148.  The strongest tornado for central Illinois was in Macon County where the west and northern sides of Decatur were hit in the early afternoon.  One person was killed and $3.4 million in damage was reported.  52 homes were destroyed and another 110 were severely damaged.  Tornadoes also touched down in Champaign, Logan, McLean, Vermilion, Ford and Edgar Counties.  Across the U.S. 307 people were killed and $600 million in damage was recorded. 

Temperature Information


Champaign-Urbana583786 (2012)20 (1936)
Danville603887 (2012)17 (1944)
Decatur613885 (2012)16 (1987)
Effingham603883 (2012)24 (1987)
Springfield603886 (2012)20 (1936)

Sunrise/Sunset For 2015

Champaign-Urbana6:34 AM7:19 PM
Danville6:32 AM7:17 PM
Decatur6:37 AM7:22 PM
Effingham6:36 AM7:20 PM
Springfield6:40 AM7:25 PM

Some information gathered from the National Weather Service and other government agencies. Data for averages are based on 1981 to 2010 averages. Record highs are based on different times of record. Here are when records stared for each observation point: Danville; 1895, Decatur; 1893, Effingham; 1951, Springfield; 1879, Urbana; 1888.
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