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Weather causing water worries to sprout from the ground

CHAMPAIGN -- Roads are not the only concern in these frigid temperatures.
CHAMPAIGN -- Roads are not the only concern in these frigid temperatures. Water pipes are freezing and bursting due to the sub-zero temperatures. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine finds out what kinds of problems the breaks are causing.

Crews are dealing with water main breaks all across Central Illinois. The latest happened Tuesday afternoon on Clark Street.

They're causing problems for homeowners and safety concerns for workers. Ruth Lynch woke up to a lot of noise at her front door. Workers from the Illinois American Water Company were fixing a water main break.

"I went to the restroom and everything was OK, and then I found out these people were out here working. I went to the restroom again and I had no water."

No one on her street had water. With such cold temperatures, the company decided it was best to cut the water off. If an employee gets wet in this kind of weather, it could turn deadly.

"I feel sorry for them."

The crew spent hours locating and servicing the water line, working as fast as possible to get the water back on for people like Lynch.

"I've got emphysema and the weather is what tears me up. I can't breathe and I get bronchitis very easy. I'm supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day. I haven't had any today."

Lynch says she's glad the workers are fixing the problem and she wants them to be safe.

"But, they didn't tell me. I didn't have any water. My water jug is down to one glass. If I would have known, I could have filled it up."

It's been a long day for workers and Lynch, but when it's all said and done, her water will be back on before she knows it.

Service was restored after about four hours of repairs. Illinois American Water says it expects even more mains to break when the temperatures start to rise.
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