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Weather Vault: Snow & Ice of 2/17/14

Here's a look at the snow and ice totals from February 17th, 2014.
Posted:  2/17/14

February 17th brought a bit of everything to central Illinois.  Freezing rain, sleet, snow, and even thunder and lightning were around the area.  Traffic came to a crawl with the wintry weather that feel mostly between 9 AM and 3 PM.  That evening, strong winds would cause blowing and drifting snow issues.  

Champaign  County 
Homer:  0.2" of freezing rain
Ogden:  0.3" of sleet and 1.8" of snow

Christian County
Pana:  0.2" of freezing rain
Taylorville:  0.1" of freezing rain

Coles County 
Charleston:  0.1" of freezing rain

Effingham County 
Effingham:  0.2" of freezing rain

Livingston County
Flanagan:  4.0" of snow

Logan County
Lincoln:  0.25" of freezing rain and 1.3" of snow
Mount Pulaski:  0.25" of freezing rain and 1.3" of snow

McLean County
Bloomington:  3.0" of snow
Normal:  2.5" of snow

Menard County 
Greenview:  0.2" of freezing rain
Petersburg:  0.2" of freezing rain

Morgan County
Jacksonville:  0.23" of freezing rain and 0.2" of snow
Woodson:  0.25" of freezing rain

Moultrie County 
Lovington:  0.2" of freezing rain
Sullivan:  0.2" of freezing rain

Sangamon County 
Jerome:  0.3" of freezing rain and 1" of snow
Sherman:  0.15" of freezing rain and 1.1" of snow
Springfield:  0.25" of freezing rain

Vermilion County
Bismarck:  1.5" of snow
Danville:  0.3" of freezing rain and 1.3" of snow

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