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Woman Dies After Being Hit in Parking Lot

<strong style="color: #0000bf; font-size: 15px;"><span style="color: #0000bf; font-size: 15px;">Latest: 5:03 pm, 5/10/12</span></strong><br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; CHAMPAIGN -- A tragic accident outside Market Place Mall leaves a Rantoul family reeling.
Latest: 5:03 pm, 5/10/12
    CHAMPAIGN -- A tragic accident outside Market Place Mall leaves a Rantoul family reeling. 64-year old Eugenia Crites was hit and killed by a car. The driver was her 13-year old grandson.
    Crites handed him the keys so he could fix her parking. While trying to direct him, the teen hit the gas instead of the brakes. The car hit Crites and two parked vehicles.
    Crites was taken to the hospital where she died. The family says the teen is alright, but everyone's devastated. They say Crites was an active member of the community who's going to be missed.

Update: 11:39 am, 5/10/12

    CHAMPAIGN -- Police report the teen responsible for hitting and killing a woman at Market Place Mall Wednesday is her grandson. 64-year old Eugenia Crites, of Rantoul, reportedly asked the 13-year old to move the vehicle after realizing she had not parked properly.
    When Crites instructed him to stop, he inadvertently hit the gas, striking Cites and two unoccupied parked cars. The teen was not hurt. No citations have been issued at this time.

Original: 5:00 pm, 5/9/12
    CHAMPAIGN -- A woman is dead after being hit in a mall parking lot. Eugenia M. Crites was hit by a car Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of Marketplace Mall. The 64-year old died around 4 PM.
    Police say the driver is a teenager. They are not sure yet how it happened. Two other cars were also hit.
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