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Women's shelter to benefit from baby shower

CHAMPAIGN -- Cathy Garner and her daughters are planning for something she's always wanted but never had. 
CHAMPAIGN -- Cathy Garner and her daughters are planning for something she's always wanted but never had.

"When I was having my babies, it wasn't a very good time for me. I never had a baby shower for either one of these kids," said Garner as she patted her daughters' legs.

The girls, 24-year-old Angel Zanarini, and 22-year-old Felicia Ceaser, are now grown and helping out with the shower. For the family, the event is more than making up for lost time. It's a way to give back to the Center of Women in Transition, a place which helped Garner get back on her feet.

All the gifts and donations she receives will be given to CWT. Before Garner found CWT, she struggled in an abusive relationship and had problems with alcohol.

The family also lost their home in Decatur. They moved from shelter to shelter, motel to motel, before finally finding help.

"On a whim, I came to Champaign," said Garner. "I was trying to find a place for us to live. I looked in the phone book and it said the Center for Women in Transition. I made a phone call."

That phone call changed Garner's life. CWT was able to provide her family with warm beds and hot meals.

"People don't understand how important a stable home base is until you don't have one," said Zanarini.

It hasn't always been easy, but with the help of CWT Garner has been sober for more than 15 years. Her daughters attend college and work.

Garner, herself, has been waiting tables at Urbana's Cracker Barrel. All three now live in their own apartment in Champaign. Family and friends will attend the baby shower and the public is invited as well.

Baby Shower for Center for Women in Transition.
Sunday, April 7
2 - 4 pm
UniPlace Christian Church
403 South Wright Street

A list of needed items can be found on Facebook.
Cash donations can be made through CWT website. 
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