Does latest murder mean city's not safe?

Does latest murder mean city's not safe?

DANVILLE -- People in one neighborhood say recent changes the past few years have not been good.
DANVILLE -- People in one neighborhood say recent changes the past few years have not been good. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera hears reaction after an 18-year old was gunned down nearby.

Conversation sparked like wildfire on WCIA-3's Facebook page after a report of the latest murder. Police arrested 17-year old Morris Williams and say he's the shooter.

It's the third murder in Danville this year. This one happened near Lincoln Park on the west side of the city.

People say it happened in a "safe part of town." But, dangerous things can happen anywhere, no matter where you live. Some say they hope neighbors can stick together to make sure the area stays safe.

"Wow. Another one?" said one person.

"This is getting ridiculous," said another.

One woman posted, "This is scary. I moved from the east side of town to here to get away from the shootings, just to have it happen less than a block away."

So, it surprises people on this block that it happened right here. Carol Case moved to the city a decade ago. She likes her neighborhood with its historical feel. But, she realizes it's not all white picket fences around the city.

"I know we have a problem in the eastern part of the city and hopefully the neighbors will stand together and take care of that problem."

"The neighbors are nice, friendly. They look out for one another."

Tim Miller lives next door, and has lived in Danville his entire life. But, he says any city you move to has the same issues; some parts of town are fine and others you try to avoid.

"We've had an influx from Chicago. People coming down here, and I'm not saying they're the crux of it, but I think it's brought a different attitude and different type of person here."

"It doesn't matter what color you are, white, black, green, blue. If you don't care, don't have respect, it's going to change the complexion of your neighborhood and of the city."

As for the latest incident, there aren't many details about the victim. We do know he's from the city. A autopsy was scheduled for Thursday.

A website called ranks cities in the U.S. based on safety statistics. Danville gets a 2 out of 100. That means it's only safer than 2% of the cities. The website says Danville's rate of violent crime is more than twice the national average.

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