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Explosive display teaches Revolutionary War

WESTVILLE -- People in Vermilion County got an explosive real-life history lesson.
WESTVILLE -- People in Vermilion County got an explosive real life history lesson. The Northwest Territory Alliance performed a Revolutionary War reenactment this weekend.

It was held at Forest Glen Preserve. The actors simulated several battles. They also spent the weekend camping out the same way people did in the 1700's.

"The best thing that I’ve gotten out of it is all the research I’ve done on the Revolutionary War, American history in general. There's so much more than what they taught us in high school. So much more information out there if you go looking for it to get the whole story,” said Peter Davis. He's been an actor for eight years.

The Northwest Territory Alliance performs all over the Midwest. Individuals and families can register to travel with the group each year.
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