Feed the Thing

Feed the Thing

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- City leaders urge students to keep campus clean.
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- While students are getting settled on campus this week, city leaders urge them to keep the streets clean. The city's Neighborhood Services Department will be keeping an extra eye out for overflowing trash. 

If your dumpster is overflowing and the city has to clean it up, you will be billed for its services and have to pay a $100 administrative fee. The department is also urging people to take part in "Feed The Thing." Since a lot of students will have cardboard to get rid of, the city has special places for you to take it.

Here's where:

August 18 - 23
East Chalmers Street between Fourth and Fifth streets

August 21 - 26
South Third Street between White Street and Springfield Avenue
East Healey Street between Fourth and Fifth streets
East Chalmers Street between First and Second streets
East Chalmers Street between Third and Fourth streets
East Clark Street between Sixth and Wright streets
South First Street between John and Daniel streets

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