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Fight Like a Girl, Race for a Cure!

BISMARCK -- One rule in life is to fight and not give up whether you're running a race or battling cancer.
BISMARCK -- One rule in life is to fight and not give up whether you're running a race or battling cancer. People here hope one can help the other. An upcoming 5K is benefiting two of the disease's most recent victims. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau has their story.

Mary Hudson and Marsha Robbins are the honorees of the upcoming 5K, but say running is actually not their thing. It is though for the person who planned it.

"I love running. I run everyday. Well, I try to run everyday. It just makes me feel better about my day."

When Morgan Holycross hits the pavement, her mind focuses in on the fight to keep going.

"You can't give up. Like you want to, like your legs are tired, but you're like, you can't, you can't stop."

But, winning isn't her top priority this time.

"I thought, OK, this is pretty easy. Everybody does 5K's. I was like, I can plan this."

"Morgan came up to me before I went away to college and said, 'I want to do this for your mom.'"

Megan Hudson and Morgan have been friends since grade school. Earlier this year, Megan's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Of course, I cried. Very emotional time. All the support is very overwhelming. It's nice to know that these young women care enough to take time for everybody and show their support."

Also on that support list, Marsha Robbins; the girls' 5th grade teacher.

"It was very overwhelming to be included in this. I am an ovarian cancer survivor and I've been diagnosed that my cancer's back."

"I called Morgan and said, 'You know, we cannot not do something for Ms. Robbins because she's been such an inspirational teacher to so many kids.'"

"I just felt like I needed to do something to help them out."

Whether they walk or run the 5K, it doesn't matter because they'll be doing it together.

"I'm ready to fight this like a girl."

"Cancer is just an ongoing battle and some days it's harder than others. Some days it's easier than others. It's just a battle that we can't let win."

The 5K is Saturday, October 26. All the money raised will go to Mary and Marsha.

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