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Frat party turns violent

CHARLESTON -- Two men have been arrested in connection with a EIU frat party which turned violent.
CHARLESTON -- Two men have been arrested in connection with a EIU frat party which turned violent. It happened early Sunday morning at a warehouse in Coles County.

Two people were shot and another was beaten and left unconscious. Police won't go into detail on their exact involvement. WCIA-3's Jeff Wagner has more.

The two men are Kajuan Wright, of Dekalb, and Marquis Green, of Park Forest. Both were arrested for resisting a peace officer. Neither is an EIU student.

Police say the pair didn't cooperate as officers tried to break up fights and treat those who were hurt. About 400 people were at the off-campus party, and nearly a hundred fought outside.

Merissa Livingston was there as it all happened. She says security officers were on hand, but there weren't enough to handle the chaos.

"At that point, it just got out of control. There was nothing five men, who were unarmed, could do about hundreds of people. A lot of those people obviously having guns because I'm pretty sure the person that shot wasn't the only one who had a gun."

Abby Striker was also there, and she said this shouldn't ruin off-campus events.

"A lot of them are safe and this is rare. So, I feel like people should just be more responsible."

The Phi Beta Sigma chapter at EIU hosted the party. It has been temporarily suspended until the investigation finishes. The fraternity's International Executive Director says he's aware of the incident and adds the organization is conducting an internal investigation to find out what happened.
Even though it didn't happen on campus, university leaders say they are working with the police to help solve it. Investigators did not say if they have any suspects behind the shootings or assault.

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