Governor announces infrastructure funds for area communities

Governor announces infrastructure funds for area communities

Update: 4:08 pm URBANA -- $400-million. That's how much the state has given to local road projects the past four years.
Update: 4:08 pm
URBANA -- The state has given $400 million to local road projects during the past four years. Governor Pat Quinn says the state's not done yet. It's part of the Illinois Jobs Now! Program.

On Monday, Quinn announced how much cities in our area will get the next year. The biggest chunk of $6.5 million will help fund projects in Champaign County. More than $1 million will be distributed to different cities, townships and villages in the county. Governor Quinn says that way, individual local leaders can decide what their own community's priorities are.

The funds are separate from the money received from gas taxes. The governor says this will not only help with the state's transportation needs, but also create jobs and help drive the economy.

Champaign Mayor Don Gerard says the city's money will be spent on a variety of projects including fixing bridges and also making them more accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists. He says they also plan to repair state roads within city limits.

There's one year left on the grant, which means there will be another $100 million to divide up around the state. Governor Quinn says he plans to look at creating a new bill afterwards to keep transportation projects going.
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URBANA -- Monday, Governor Pat Quinn announced $6.4 million from Illinois Jobs Now! Capital construction program is being doled out to area communities.

The money can be used for repairs to municipal, township and county infrastructure. The fund are in addition to the annual Motor Fuel Tax revenues the areas are scheduled to get this year.

The money is part of the fourth in a series of annual grants for local transportation projects under the program since 2010. IDOT will oversee the projects which will be selected and managed locally.
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