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Gunman in Mall Shooting Found Guilty

<strong style="color: #0000bf; font-size: 15px;"><span style="color: #0000bf; font-size: 15px;">Update: 4:15 pm, March 1</span></strong><br><br>One suspect accused in May's shooting at Market Place Mall is found guilty on two counts.
Update: 4:15 pm, March 1
    One suspect accused in May's shooting at Marketplace Mall is found guilty on two counts. The trial for Dontrell Thompson started Monday.
    He was convicted of Attempted First Degree Murder and Aggravated Battery with a Firearm. Champaign County State's Attorney Julia Rietz says Thompson faces 31 - 55 years in prison with the possibility of "natural life" due to the use of a firearm and the infliction of great bodily harm to the victim when he's sentenced in May.

Original: 11:57 am, February 27
Alleged Gunman in Mall Shooting Heads to Court
    A Milwaukee man accused of attempted murder heads to court today. Police say Dontrell Thompson was involved in the Marketplace Mall shooting in May. He's accused of trying to kill 28-year old Anthony Brock, of Champaign. Thompson also faces charges of aggravated battery with a firearm.
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